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Financial support for the facility comes from awards to the Group members from NSERC research, infrastructure, capital, strategic and CRD grants, as well as a large number of industrial contracts, URIF grants, the equipment loan program of the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation, as well as funding from Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO) of the Ontario Centre of Excellence program, and Micronet , one of the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence.

Funding for VLSI-related projects was approximately $3.6M in cash in 2000; approximately 24% of cash contributions come from industry, and in addition, industrial partners provided approximately $100K of in-kind contributions, such as hardware components and access to technology and facilities.

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Industrial Interaction:

The members of the Group interact very closely with industry in the area of VLSI technology, design, testing, and software development. In addition, Group members offer continuing education courses geared to industry. This interaction has been growing steadily and includes:

Canadian industry:

International industry:

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